All of my plants are chosen for their value in baskets and planters.  Flowers that will trail, that will last for the season, that are low maintenance as in minimal deadheading.  Some are upright to fill the center of a planter or basket.

Flowers that are  available are:

Shade loving trailers:   Begonia Illumination Rose, Begonia Illumination Salmon Pink, Begonia Illumination Apricot, Begonia Summerwings White, Begonia Summerwings Brick Red

Shade loving upright:  Begonia Non Stop Red (pictured above), Lobelia Riviera Blue Splash and Sky Blue.

Sun loving trailers:  Verbena Superbena Peachy Keen,  Callibrachoa Callie Burgundy, Star Pink and Yellow, Callie Superbells Plum and Tangerine Peach, Petunia Surfinia Heavenly Blue (pictured above), and Deep Red, Bacopa Snowstorm Blue Improved, Sanvitalia Million Suns, Petunia Red Wave

Sun loving upright:  Geraniums Multibloom Mixed Colors, Gypsophilia Gypsy Rose, Dahlia Figaro Mixed Colors, Zinnia Zahara Mixed Colors, Thunbergia Alata, Salvia Mini Victoria, Dianthus Sweetness, Grass Pony Tails.